Dave's Friggin' Awesome Schoyu condiments were some of our greatest challenges. Since we spurn soy and shun salt (everything in moderation, folks), reinventing many traditional Asian condiments that use soy sauce as a fundamental ingredient was super challenging. So we decided to start at the very beginning and reinvent soy sauce itself. We did this by creating a nuanced blend of fruit, vegetables, legumes and liquids... and voila!

Traditional soy sauce is amazing, but crazy salty (and all that soy! Oi!). So we spent a lot of time experimenting, tweaking slight amounts of subtle flavors to create this awesome soy alternative! Say hello to our little friend Schoyu!

With our Schoyu as foundation, creating a super healthy Hoisin sauce was a picnic in the park (and a whole lotta prunes). Enjoy!

Who loves japanese BBQ and teriyaki sauces? We do! But all that friggin' soy, salt and sugar!  So went back to the drawing board and started all over to create this sweet and salty sauce with a deep, rich, umami flavor -- great for dipping and grilling!