Dave's Friggin' Awesome Schweet Hot Sauces are my versions of basic all purpose hot sauces. We have made hundreds of hot sauces to understand what folks want. And most want thick, creamy, not too sour, not too spicy, light on the palate sauces that can go on anything.  And, of course my hot sauces are fat free, very low salt and have no cholesterol, oil, eggs, gluten, soy, dairy, nuts or added sugar.

Our Red Schweet Hot sauce is our interpretation of a typical American hot sauce (lotsa vinegar and salt) meets Sriracha (lotsa sugar). It's got big pepper flavor, is not too spicy, very low in salt with no added sugar.

Our Green Schweet Hot Sauce is our ode to awesome New Mexico green chiles. Perfect for eggs, tacos and green chile cheeseburgers.

Our Yellow Schweet Hot sauce was inspired by the awesome fresh yellow and green sauces at Peruvian rotisserie chicken shacks. Now you can have the best of both sauces in one bottle. And yes, of course we use Aji Amarillo chiles!