We wanted to create a new kind of all-purpose condiment that in no way evoked traditional ketchups or BBQ sauces. Our Original Schweet All Purpose BBQ sauce is a super healthy, delicious dip for nuggets, sauce for sandwiches and is even awesome on oatmeal, granola and ice cream. Weird? Maybe, but friggin' awesome!

Inspired by our childhood love of cherry cola, we "borrowed" the really odd combination of fruit and spices that create that funky cola flavor (but left out the drugs and stimulants), added a bunch of cherries and boom!  Our Schweet Cherry Cola BBQ sauce is not just for BBQ but anything you want to add a sweet citric kick to!

No gummi bears were harmed in the making of this sauce! If you eat gummi bears the way we do (shove a handful into your mouth all at once and let the flavors melt together) then you are going love our Schweet Gummi Bear BBQ Sauce! Fruit forward with a tiny hint of heat it is friggin' awesome on chicken and pork BBQ, nuggets and so much more!

Woop! Woop! Warning! Contains honey! Inspired by a super popular BBQ sauce that is beloved by fried chicken sammich eaters everywhere, our Schweet Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce hits all the right flavor notes without all the baggage - our version has no refined sugars, is low sodium, all natural and not a single penny of our profits will ever be donated to support gay conversion therapy!